Sales Agents

The Beverage Baron is a full-service agency offering Atlantic Canadian representation for sales, merchandising and marketing activities within the retail stores and licensee business. We work very closely with our suppliers developing strategies that set our brands apart from the rest and accordingly, we gain respect from the liquor control boards and our customers.

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Staff Training

The Beverage Baron specializes in a consultative approach to your business and is proud to offer on-site staff training. Our passionate and knowledgeable professionals can quickly break down barriers and fears about wine selection, wine service and ultimately wine sales. With the over 20 years of experience working with Newfoundland and Labrador’s amazing culinary talent as well as exposure to dozens of global leaders in the beverage alcohol industry, General Manager John Veitch is ideal to build confidence with your team. Click the link below to find out more!

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Wine/Scotch/Beer/Rum Tastings

Throughout the year we attend tastings across the province as well as work with businesses or small groups who want to host their own tastings for business or pleasure. These events can be fun-filled or educationally based. Regardless of what you need to project, the beverage Baron team can help you put off a fantastic tasting. Scotch and chocolate tasting? Champagne and oysters anyone? Beer and cheese tasting? Yup…we can do those too! No matter how small or big your budget is we can work with you to make sure your event is fun and memorable for your guests.

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Menu Development

The Beverage Baron would love an exclusive on your wine list but that’s not really the best approach. We are thrilled to work with you on wine menu development to encompass recent trends, meet consumer demand and maximize wine sales. As one of the NLC largest suppliers, we have access to some of the most sought after wines and spirits in the world which can set your menu apart from other accounts. Our industry colleagues are also our friends and we are pleased to provide insight to ensure that they are represented on your wine menu too!

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